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  • Avocats Paris: Contentieux des affaires

Litigation/ Arbitration

International arbitration (institutional such as ICC or ad hoc)

  • Analysis and assessment of claims and/or arguments in defence;
  • Formulation of pre-litigious and litigation strategies;
  • Proceedings for interim measures on assets and property;
  • Drafting of requests for arbitration, answer(s) to the request for arbitration, memorials;
  • Procedural hearings and pleadings;
  • Recourses before the Court of Appeals to annul the award and writings;
  • Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.

Commercial and civil litigation

  • Defining pre-litigious and litigation strategies;
  • Request to be authorised to implement measures of investigation for preserving evidence;  
  • Request to be authorised to implement interim measures: provisional attachments on bank accounts, seizure of assets and appointment of ad hoc proxy;
  • Summary proceedings and/or proceedings on the merits before commercial and civil courts and writings especially with regard to contractual liability or non-performance of contractual obligations, abusive termination of negotiations, industrial risks, unfair competition, commercial leases, disputes involving owners/ building owners or any intervening party to the building operation and/or their insurers, implementation of warranties on liabilities, disputes between shareholders or between a director and a company;
  • Procedural hearings and pleadings;
  • Assistance for court ordered expertise (technical, financial or industrial) and writings to the expert;
  • Drafting of settlement agreement;
  • Insolvency proceedings (ad hoc proxy, safeguard, bankruptcy and judicial liquidation) : statement of claims, proceedings before the bankruptcy judge and the Court of Appeals and defence of directors whose liability might be at issue at the occasion of any insolvency proceedings;
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgments in France and abroad (including within the European Union).

Criminal litigation

  • Analysis and assessment of possible criminal penalties at stake;
  • Representing either individuals and/or companies before the investigating magistrate during the investigation stage and during the judgment proceedings (before the criminal Court);
  • Representing in the framework of appeals proceedings (writings, hearings and pleadings)

Intellectual property litigation

  • Advising and representing at the pre-litigation stage;
  • Drafting of requests for infringement seizure, summons and writings in matters of intellectual property and industrial property (patents, trademarks, drawings and designs).

Labour law litigation

  • Assistance and/or representation of clients before the Conseil de Prud’hommes (Bureau de conciliation and Bureau de Jugement) and the Court of Appeals
  • Pre-litigious negotiations with the prospect of reaching a settlement agreement
  • Negotiations with the Work Inspection in the framework of several issues of Labour law including posting of workers and recourse towards higher administrative authority
  • Recourse and representation before administrative tribunals