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Fees Attorney at Law at the Paris Bar

Pursuant to statutory and ethical rules governing the legal profession, the fees of the Law Firm are conveniently determined with the agreement of the client.
As such, the following criteria are taken into account: the nature of the case, the difficulty of the case, the financial resources of the client, the expenses incurred by the attorney and the scope of work to be provided.
The Law Firm applies different fees systems in accordance with the client’s requirements and the above-mentioned criteria:

  • Lump sum fees:

Those fees of a fixed amount cover the full professional services rendered by the Law Firm . Such fees system is likely to apply in the context of disputes where the amount of work may be easily determined in advance or for the drafting of some contracts or acts when it is easy to anticipate the required volume of time.

  • Hourly rate fees :

Such fees are calculated in consideration of time spent and are based on an hourly rate to be determined at the occasion of the first meeting. This fees system is most appropriate for complex matters for which it is difficult to determine in advance the volume of work necessary, especially for judicial proceedings whereby duration is difficult to assess in advance or for negotiations which may raise potential difficulties.
In any event, the Law Firm will strive to provide the client with a range of fees that the latter will have to settle.
Fees agreements based on time spent will include a frequent reporting to the client in respect of the state of the matter, the hourly rate of the intervening attorney as well as a detailed presentation of time spent.

  • Success fees:

Such fees are additional ones. In other words, those fees will be added to a basic remuneration, either a lump sum fee or fees based on time spent. Success fees correspond to a percentage of the gains obtained or saved by the client further to the intervention of the Law Firm in the framework of judicial proceedings or if the client completes with efficiency an economic or financial transaction.
In any event, success fees will be subject to a written fees agreement.

  • Subscription fees (on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis):

Those fees which are invoiced to the client on a regular basis correspond to the legal assistance of the Law Firm over a specific period of time and incorporate all the required services of the Law Firm pursuant to a specific context and area of intervention previously agreed with the client.